PlanetComnet Technology - Company Profile

Planetcomnet is successfully running by MNNITs Alumni's and was founded in year 2004 with motto of Customer Satisfaction. Planetcomnet innovations include the integration of rules and Object Oriented methods, the first hypertext methodology, and the value stream approach.

PlanetComnet develops customized software solutions for its clients and also for internal use. The library of on-the-shelf Softwares includes Payroll Software, Indian Financial Accounting Software, Petrol Pump Management Software, Service Station Management Software, Educational Institute Management Software, Library Management Software, Barcode Printing Software, Invoicing Software etc.

PlanetComnet has completed many web projects catering to niche segment of internet fraternity, which include portals, dynamic websites, multimedia rich interactive websites with Flash and Intranet based solutions for Business Automation. The sites and portals generate a run-of-the-network traffic and a significant business every month for our clients.

PlanetComnet has also launched various initiatives in the area of corporate training and IT education. This has brought the company as a benchmark for Training solutions by some of the biggest names of the global corporate world and Government Institutions India. The team at PlanetComnet is well-qualified, strongly motivated and the infrastructure setup is state-of-the-art.  All this summed up with an interesting work environment to deliver quality solutions, in a timely manner.

Quality is a comprehensive & fundamental rule or belief, for leading & operating an organization and this helps Planetcomnet in continually improving performance over the long term. Our business model is customer driven, where the various businesses are evolved from our customer needs. We help our customers respond quickly to changing market dynamics and increase their competitiveness..

To develop a strong Client base with an equally effective Support structure which acts as a catalyst for effective deployment of futuristically complete and credible IT solutions. We strive to achieve this by focusing individually on each project and build a healthy relationship with our Customers. By 2008, Planetcomnet reached the 100 employee headcount and continues to experience over 40% revenue growth. Our corporate timeline traces the organization?s growth, from the early days of product development to our present focus on business integration.