PlanetComnet is a global offshore BPO organization & Knowledge processing services provider operating from India with business expertise in outsourcing. Our co-expertise is to develop and deliver dependable solution for your business.

Customers have come to expect perfection, and in today's economy, no company can afford to lose customers or prospects. Growing a business and projecting a reputation for excellence require a consistent and sharp focus on quality. Despite the great strides companies have made at monetizing risks versus rewards, analyzing return on investments, and increasing output and productivity, quality assurance is not a core competency for most companies. The fact is, few companies have a way to track the ROI or business value of agent training and call monitoring. Efforts to improve agent quality often drain additional resources without yielding benefits because they are irregularly implemented and feedback to agents is inconsistent. PlanetComnet is focused on our clients' and the contact center operations. Frequent, current and accurate data gives companies the ability to determine their true return on their investment.


 Coustomer Service  

PlanetComnet offers customized solutions that span across the customer life cycle. These solutions help enhance revenue by improving the experience and loyalty of customers while optimizing employee productivity by streamlining processes and designing more effective marketing programs.
Customer Service Solutions :
Customer service
Complaint resolution
Cross sell and up sell
Marketing and customer analytics
Loyalty program

Technical Solutions

PlanetComnet's Technical Solutions offerings include both branded and private label solutions. As computers have become more and more sophisticated, the job of keeping them running has fallen to an ever-increasing group of specialists known collectively as "Tech Support Specialists". The first port of call is generally the manufacturer's Tech Support. Manufacturers and other service providers have started to scale back on in-house technical support staff to cut costs. The VNS offering is a solution beyond just the computer. It can be expanded to peripherals and other devices, providing a total solution in one place.